A Line Closer To Self Realization

Work in Progress

I’ve drawn my whole life and with every new phase came a new drawing style or a new favorite element to draw. I never noticed this until now, my drawing skills and the way I think when I’m creating a new design have evolved so much. It’s become much more easy for me to build an idea and translate it into a drawing or into an action. Noticing this has made me appreciate my relationship with art more than ever. I feel this has opened a door in my conscious mind that expels a bit of information with every drawing I work on and with every line I trace I learn a little more about myself.

Art has allowed me to keep alive my sense of wonder and for me this is very important in the journey to self-realization. To be willing to open your mind to new things, to accept change and embrace it are big steps that will help you accomplish things in life you never thought you could. Meditation is a fantastic exercise for this. 

However for many, opening their mind through meditation is easier said than done, so for those who struggle with this I recommend you to find your anchor, an activity that’ll focus your mind for you. For instance, for me drawing is my anchor, as soon as I grab my sketchbook and start tracing lines my mind and body are completely focused on cooking this idea and creating a design. 

Coloring is another wonderful way to meditate, as soon as your eyes perceive the design you start to ponder on possible ways you could mix and match colors and without you even realizing it your mind is completely focused on colors and bringing this design to life. 

Using art as an anchor is beautiful because while you’re entertaining yourself drawing or coloring and creating a colorful world of your own, the creative(right) side of your brain is strengthening and little by little your mind starts expanding and creating enlightening ideas that help you see the world differently.

Discovering this has motivated me to create a series of coloring books called Cosmic Consciousness that expand the spectator’s mind and makes them curious, creating room in their conscious mind for new possibilities that help keep alive their sense of wonder. This series is in the works and I’ll be posting updates and sneak peaks on my Patreon page. 

For those who don’t know what Patreon is or how it works here it is.

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I’ll be sending a Sample PDF Coloring Page of the first edition of the series, which I’m currently working on,  to everyone who supports me, no matter the amount. Click here to visit my page.


Love and Light!

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