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Aradia Månen Temporary Henna Tattoos 

Hello beautiful wild flowers and welcome to our website where you’ll have access to our informative blog on henna and topics alike,  when and where you could find us, our henna portfolio and more. We specialize in henna tattoos and bohemian crafts. Our henna tattoo services are available only in Puerto Rico.

Artistic Services

Here at Aradia Manen our goal is to provide our clients a unique and blissful experience. Getting a henna tattoo has never been so relaxing.

Imagine yourself resting on a big comfortable chair inside a gypsy booth or tent, with the serene smell of incense and lavender, cool wind slightly blowing your hair while our professional henna artist delicately creates a beautiful design on your skin. This is what we’re all about. Click here to check out our henna portfolio and see our latest work. Click here to view our calendar and check out where we’ll be during the week.

We also have available Henna Party Packages to give an ethnic vibe to your party or activity, click here to see which one is right for you.

For more information on our artistic services contact us via email aradia.manen@gmail.com or telephone (787)552-8099

You may also find us on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter and Linkedin.

Thank you for visiting us, feel free to explore our website and share our content with your friends. Have a blessed Moon.